"We, the communities of St. Rose and St. John, centered in the Eucharist, will
model our lives on the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sacraments, word and stewardship."

Parish Calendar

Funeral Liturgy
Funeral arrangements are pre-arranged through one of the area funeral homes. The funeral director will contact the parish office to notify us of a death and then give us a family contact name that we contact to make the funeral Mass arrangements.
The contact name is also given to a member of the bereavement team from either parish. The bereavement team member will contact the family regarding the liturgy itself, to arrange for Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, and to help you select the readings and music you would like for the Mass.  Both parishes have organists and can provide either a vocalist or the choir. However, if you have a vocalist you want to sing for the funeral, they will need to contact our organist to practice the songs before the funeral. 
The bereavement member will complete a Funeral Liturgy Planning form and submit it to the parish office for review. The family will be contacted if any changes are required.
Please note that following Communion a five minute time of remembrance is permitted to be given by a family member or friend. We ask that any Eulogies depicting the deceased’s life be done at the Wake Service in the funeral home the previous evening.  Compliance with the five minute timeframe is necessary for the sake of the funeral home and cemetery personnel who have more than one funeral a day, for your friends who may need to return to work, and for the ladies preparing the dinner who are volunteering their time and often times work on a schedule.
Wake Service
Due to scheduling conflicts of the Pastor, the Deacon or Lay Person are encouraged to lead the family in the Wake Service on the night before the funeral if the pastor is unavailable. The Wake is normally scheduled around 8:00 p.m. at the funeral home but late afternoons are also permissible. The funeral director will be flexible to schedule the wake earlier than 8:00 p.m. if you feel the service will take longer.
Funeral Dinners
If you would like to have a funeral luncheon at one of the two parishes, please advise the funeral director. They will contact us and we will have a representative from the parish contact you to get details of attendees and choice of meals and cost for preparation.