"We, the communities of St. Rose and St. John, centered in the Eucharist, will
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Parish Calendar


                                        EULOGY OR TIME OF REMEMBRANCE


Families are encouraged to have any eulogy, read any poem, etc. at the wake service at the funeral home the night before the funeral.


The family will be allowed a five minute “time of remembrance” following Holy Communion at the funeral liturgy.  The “time of remembrance” should be about the deceased’ faith life and their life, but should not include specific stories like “I remember when Uncle Joe did…”  Rather, it should be more about the person’s qualities.


The reason for the time limit on the remembrance are varied.


1.       Many people come to funeral liturgies on their lunch break and need        to get back to their job.  If the eulogy takes a long time, the solemnity         of the funeral Mass itself is interrupted by people leaving the church   early.


2.       The funeral home personnel and the cemetery may have more than          one funeral in a day at other churches.  If one funeral runs over, the      others are delayed.


3.       The ladies and gentlemen who work on the funeral dinners are        volunteers.  They give of their time as a ministry.  They are also     homemakers and some may even work second shifts.  If they are held           up, they may miss out on other events during a day.  In addition, a lot       of them are elderly.  If the church has more than one funeral in a     week, it can be very taxing on them.  These dedicated folks often put           in long hours of service to our parishes.



Please note that the above guidelines are followed in the other Catholic churches in the area as well.