"We, the communities of St. Rose and St. John, centered in the Eucharist, will
model our lives on the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sacraments, word and stewardship."

Parish Calendar

Couples wishing to be married at either of our parishes must contact the pastor to set up an appointment at least six months before the wedding date. Please be advised that spring weddings are always in demand, so you should call as soon as you set a date to ensure a date is available. The pastor will set up pre-marriage counseling sessions with the couples. The pastor will let the parish secretary know the wedding date so it can be reserved.
When you meet with the pastor/priest you will be given a Marriage Contract that needs to be completed. Wedding fee for parishioners who attend Mass on a regular basis is $100; for parishioners who do not attend Mass on a regular basis $300; non-parishioner rate is $500. A $100 deposit is required and should be returned to the parish office along with the Marriage Contract. The above fees are for the church only and does not include organist, vocalist fees or the stipend for the priest. When paying a stipend for the priest, consideration should be given for mileage and accommodations as well as his time for the marriage prep classes.
An Engaged Couples booklet will also be given to you when you meet with priest. This booklet details the ins/outs of what is acceptable for your wedding.
Both parishes have a wedding coordinator and you may contact her through the parish office.
Weddings are held at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday if it includes a Mass; ceremony only marriages are at 1:30 p.m... These times are set with the diocese and cannot be changed due to the normal weekend Mass and Confession schedule of the parishes. If you wish to have and evening wedding, it must be a Friday evening.